Impressions from the end of the day

28.08.2016 | 18:33 |
Public Events registration closed several hours ago, the last game of the day is being played and YCS Rimini 2016 is nearing its end. This is the most relaxed part of the day for all but a few Duelists, and here you can see the part of the tournament no one looks at when the Main Event has the most suspense.
Merchandise Some of the merchandise available for purchase at the Info Booth.
Public Events The last Public Events are slowly coming closer to an end.
Info Booth These lovely young ladies are responsible for the Info Booth and Booster station.
Security guy Shoutout to the venue's highly professional security personnel who keep everyone safe!
Happy Judge Judging is fun! You can see this gentleman is enjoying his day a lot!
Most games are finished Most games are already finished, only a few last Public Events finals can be seen in the background.
Award Ceremony Setup The Award Ceremony will take place here, where the last preparations are being made.
Spectators and friends congratulating Spectators and friends are congratulating the new YCS Rimini 2016 winner.
Waiting for the Award ceremony While the last preparations are being made and the 3rd place match is coming to a close, everyone is waiting for the award ceremony.
3rd and 4th place The game for 3rd place is taking a little longer than the finals.
public events tops playoffs These 4 players have obtained the most points at Public Event across the entire weekend. The winner of this small tournament will receive a Super Rare Number 93: Utopia Kaiser Prize Card.
public events random playoffs 4 random Duelists were chosen to compete for a second Super Rare Number 93: Utopia Kaiser, and these 2 are in the finals of that Public Event.
judge feedback The most important part of a Judge's work: Feedback.
judges resting After 2 long days, many Judges are enjoying some well-earned rest.
Head Judges The end of the day is when even the Head Judges have an opportunity to come together...
Team Lead feedback ... for feedback, of course!