Impressions YCS Liverpool Round 2

29.10.2016 | 13:54 |
We are still early into Day 1. For most of the Duelists anything is still possible. Take a look at all the action here at YCS Liverpool. Venue12 Hello and welcome to YCS Liverpool!


Venue14 Duelists are preparing for the big event.


Venue15 The tension is rising.


Venue16 Players are getting seated for Round 1.


Venue20 Round 1 is about to start any minute.


Venue21 Two of the Giant Cards that you can win this weekend.


Venue26 What a field, can you handle this?


Venue32 Cards, cards, cards. There are two shop on site buying and selling cards.


Venue33 During the Rounds the hall is empty.


Venue34 This is the designated trading area.


Venue46 What a crazy Match-Up!