Interview with our Head Judge Hartmut Glücker

26.09.2010 | 18:00 |

If you're into judging, it might sound appealing at first not having to run through the venue all day long and rather "relax a little on the stage". Believe me when I say that if that was your idea of Head Judging, you have no idea; you have to carry a ton of responsibility and coordinate the work of up to 50 staff members! Even with the help and support of your designated team leaders, this is a tough task and hard to pull off. So far, our Head Judge Hartmut Glücker is doing a mighty fine job. Let's ask him how he prepared for the tournament and what he's thinking about his performance.

"My favorite way of preparing for a larger tournament like this and getting back into the rules of the game is following up the rules questions posted in popular message boards", Harti told me when I asked him about his preparation. Judging is all about teamwork and it can even help you to get ready for a YCS: "Some of my friends are really active in the rulings parts of the message boards. They were kind enough to list the most popular questions for me and point me to some American sites. This proved to be very helpful!"


Head Judge Hartmut Glücker making an announcement!

Head Judge Hartmut Glücker making an announcement!


My next question was the unique challenge that an international tournament like the YCS proved for a Head Judge. Naturally, our staff team was pretty beefed up. You need more members just to be able to handle the language barrier. This is what Harti had to say about it: "This event has been the first YCS in Europe. After the attendance at past major events in Germany, we weren't sure what to expect and 'played it safe', adding a more members than usual to our roster. As we needed 2 - 3 judges for every single language, we ended up with a lot of judges. You just add the judges you think that you absolutely need and you're already on 35+ members!"

"Generally, I'm very happy with our judge selection. They all did a great job and helped to make this event a huge success!"

"This was the first event where I had to handle appeals for 45 minutes without a break. It wasn't like that in every round, especially during the later rounds, we have had next to no appeals. However, at the beginning of a tournament, the players often see certain cards for the first time and they then don't know how they work exactly. One good example would be Solemn Warning, we had a lot of appeals during the rounds 1 and 2 that revolved around this card."

While this all sounds like a lot of stress, Harti told me that he had lots of fun. Being a judge is an extremely rewarding experience, you get plenty of opportunities to literally make the day of the hundreds and hundreds of Duelists showing up for an event like the YCS!