Introducing the God Card Game Mat!

30.08.2013 | 14:00 |

Whenever a special event takes place, like a Sealed Pack Play YCS for example, Duelists often get some additional goodies to commemorate the occasion. At YCS Sheffield last year (the first “Sealed YCS”), every entrant took home an exclusive [breaker] Game Mat. Duelists at YCS San Diego (the first Sealed YCS in America) got a similar Game Mat featuring [dmoc].

This weekend at YCS Brussels, every Duelist that participates in the main event will receive a very special item…

Duel with the Egyptian God Cards by your side!

The 3 Egyptian God Cards, [slifer], [obelisk] and [twdor], are the standout cards from [bp02], and with everybody at YCS Brussels using cards from the set in their Decks, it made perfect sense for them to appear on the participation Game Mat!

Exclusive Game Mats like these are a highly valued collectible item, and I’m sure there will be many Duelists here this weekend who will cherish this very special memento of their experience. I’m sure we’ll see the God Cards themselves make an appearance this weekend as well, so be sure to check our Feature Matches tomorrow and Sunday!