Introducing the World Championship Points Play-Off

28.06.2019 | 11:15 |

Welcome to our coverage of the WCQ European Championship 2019! We are here in Utrecht, the Netherlands in order to decide who’s going to the World Championship in Berlin in August this year.

WCQ Playoff Top 8


The World Qualifying Points System was introduced in 2017 and proved to be great addition to the World Championship Qualifying system. Duelists suddenly did get a chance to earn an invite to Wolds via hard work and dedication. People always criticized the old system as being based on luck and that not the best, but the luckiest Duelists will go to Worlds.
With the new points system, Duelists that were successful at big events earned points to go to worlds. Until last year, only the big four countries (Italy, The UK, Germany and France) had the chance to earn a fixed spot at worlds. Duelists from smaller countries were furious, because they only could qualify via the European Championship. There were only 2 spots left, so basically, you had to get to the final of Euros to earn an invite to worlds.

We took your feedback serious and changed the system yet again. For this year every country was invited to earn Qualifying Points and the most successful Duelists of the 2018/19 season were invited to Utrecht to duke it out in a Top 8 Knock-Out event. For more information on the qualification system please check the official homepage.

So, we have the Top 8 Duelists of the last season going to fight over 3 spots at the World Championship. These are the best players currently in Europe and all of them are keen to earn their invite to worlds. If you check their names you will see, that it’s the crème de la crème of the European Yu-Gi-Oh! circuit. Most names will ring a bell and we are excited to so what Decks they came up with. Of course, we will be streaming the most interesting Feature Matches live via Twitch, YouTube and Facebook. Be sure to check out our channels!
Tomorrow, we will be focusing on the regular WCQ, where there are 3 more spots to be earned. Of course, the “losers” of today still have a shot tomorrow to earn their invite.