Introducing Turbo Pack: Booster 5!

[p]Turbo Packs are the participation prizes that Duelists recieve for entering various tournaments! [i]Turbo Pack: Booster 5[/i] is the latest version to hit the tables and we can take a brief look at it now![/p]

One of the coolest things about playing in Europe? Cards in multiple languages!

[p]Some of the highlights of [i]Turbo Pack: Booster 5[/i] include the Ultimate Rare [colossal] (a card seen in almost every Extra Deck), Ultra Rare [hole] and Super Rare [laq], [snowman], [united] and [b]Spell-Shattering Arrow[/b]! Another cool thing about this set is that it contains cards that were previously unavailable in Europe.[/p]

[p][b]Cyber Eltanin’s[/b] a great fit for LIGHT Machine-based Decks like Spaceships and can be Summoned with ease. By removing one or more LIGHT Machine-type monsters from your field (face-up) or Graveyard you can Summon Eltanin, and then send every other monster on the field to the Graveyard. With 3 in the right Deck it’s like running 4 copies of [hole], only 3 of those can’t be stopped by the classic protection cards like [stardust] and [magatama], and doesn’t trigger the effects of cards that like to be destroyed (like [trooper]) either![/p]

[p]Another new card is [b]Darkness Neosphere[/b], a huge Level 10 monster with 4000 ATK and DEF! It can’t be Normal Summoned or Set, but when your opponent declares an attack, you can send one Fiend-Type monster each from your hand and field to the graveyard to [ss]it. Should anything become strong enough to take down this 4000 ATK and DEF behemoth [b]Darkness Neosphere[/b] can’t be destroyed in battle. Neosphere’s other effect lets you return all face-up Trap Cards you control to your hand, which can come in handy if you end up playing [oppression] after Neosphere hits the field and you want to [ss] again to seal a Duel.[/p]

[p][i]Turbo Pack: Booster 5[/i] also contains handy reprints in the form of [tt] and [wulf] (both Rare), and [miracle] and [7tools], among others. Be sure to have a lookout for these new packs at your nearest Official Tournament Store where they will soon be available![/p]

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