Introducing your new World Champions!

14.08.2011 | 16:59 |

[p]After 2 days of fierce competition against this year’s most successful Duelists, Takashi Ogawa and Lee Jong-Hwan will truly feel like they are sitting on top of the world right now![/p]
[p]Lee Jong-Hwan forgot his gaming module at the Korean National Championship, took a cab home although he can’t really afford it as a student; hurried back to the event and won his ticket for Worlds. The ride in the cab has probably been the trip of his life, at least as long as he’s not setting for the plane back to South Korea!
Takashi Ogawa had to overcome his fellow countryman Kei Murakoshi in the finals of an epic event after he already eliminated the then-reigning World Champion Galileo De Obaldia from the competition!
Both players proved that they truly belong to the World’s finest and their names will now forever go down in Yu-Gi-Oh! history, causing Duelists around the world to speak about their championship successes in years to come!