Judge Call – YCS Sydney 2020

Dear Judges,
We would like to inform you about the opportunity to work at the YCS Sydney 2020, which will take place on the following:

  • Date(s): January 10th – 12th, 2020
  • Location: Sydney (Australia)
  • Event Information

We are looking for knowledgeable and reliable judges to oversee this important tournament, both as Judges and as general event Staff (helping, for example, with Scorekeeping, Registration, Promotional Activities and Public Events). If you are interested in being a part of the team for this event, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.
This offer is open to everyone who meets the following criteria:

This offer is open to everyone who meets the following criteria:


Each Judge attending the event will be supported with the following:

  • Breakfast, lunch & drinks during event hours (meals after event hours are not included)
  • Hotel room from Friday to Monday; which will be booked and paid for by Konami (two-bed room, shared with another judge)
  • Judge Field Center Card
  • A dice (Judge Dice, or Pre-Registration Dice, depending on stocks)
  • Current Season KDE-E Judge Mat1
  • Judge Reward Points – Last Updated: WCQ:EU 2019


Judge Rewards Points

Judges can redeem their Judge Reward Points on various items such as booster packs, Game Mats and accessories.

Saturday & Sunday:

  • 40 points per day (Judges and Staff are required for both Saturday and Sunday)
  • 10 points per day for Floor Judge Team Leaders & Scorekeepers (*Non Lead)
  • 20 points per day for Logistic Leads (E.g. Paper Lead, Deck Check Lead, Scorekeeper Leads)
  • 30 points per day for Head Judges
    Friday (if selected):
  • 40 points for all team members selected for Friday2
  • No additional points are awarded for Friday
    Travel Assist
  • 60 points for Travel Assist (this is a flat rate)
    [br]Judges may receive additional compensation depending on their travel costs. This is applicable to pre-booked travel only. Proof of travel costs are required alongside Judge Compensation requests. The additional compensation is outlined below:
  • Judges who spend £100/€120/200AUD will receive the previous years Judge Travel Assist Game Mat in addition
  • Judges who spend £150/€175/280AUD will receive the current Travel Assist Game Mat in addition
  • Judges who spend £220/€250/400AUD will receive both the current Travel Assist, and the Judge Travel Assist Game Mat from previous year
    Banked Judge Points
  • Judges may bank up to 1,000 Judge Points
  • If a Judge exceeds a total of 1,000 Banked Judge Points, they will not be able to bank additional Judge Points
  • Unused Judge Points in excess of 1,000 Banked Judge Points will be claimed as the most recent Booster Pack if unused
  • Judges who currently exceed 1,000 Banked Points will not have to spend Banked Points, however they will not be able to Bank any additional Judge Points[br]
    The deadline for applications is: Tuesday, 1st November 2019 at 9h00 (BST) / 10h00 (CEST) / 20h00 (AEDT)
    We will notify each applicant once the team selection has been finalised.


1May be exchanged the the current US Judge Mat for 5 Judge Reward Points


Personal Data Collection and Sharing:
We, Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. will collect and use your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We will collect basic personal data about you including, your name, address, telephone number, KCGN ID, email address, date of birth, shirt size, language skills and previous experience. We need this information in order to assess your application and successfully run and organise our events. We will be the “controller” of the information you provide to us.
[br]In order to successful organise and run our events, we may need to share your personal data with third parties. We will only share your personal data where it is necessary to do so.
Some examples of how your date is shared and used are set out below:
[br][br]1. We will share your personal data with our Event Agency to:

  • Manage and organise tasks such as food stipend and hotel bookings. The events agency may be in contact with you directly via email to confirm booking information and to assist if you wish to make any amendments to your booking;
  • Assess your relevant experience and staffing role interests to make decision regarding staffing at the event; and
  • Facilitate any shipments to be made to you after the event, for example the shipment of goods and/or rewards.
    [br][br]2. We will share your personal data with our Organisational Judges (such as Head Judges, Team Leads, Logistic Leads) to:
  • Assist and manage team selection and role selection; and
  • Facilitate event communications, such as providing event briefings.
    [br][br]3. During the event, we may provide your dietary requirements to our Event Agency should you have any dietary requirements. This information is not shared digitally in advance.
    [br]For further information on how your personal data is collected and processed please see our Privacy Policy, found here.
    Alternatively, please contact us at:[br]
    If you are not chosen to attend this event, please do not take it personally; there will be more applicants than open spots, and as such we will need to turn down several applications. There will be other opportunities to judge at premier events in the future, and we will take previous applications into account when staffing those future events.
    We are looking forward to your application, and would like to thank you for your support of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME.

      Judge Application Form

      First Name

      Last Name

      KCGN ID

      Email Address

      Phone Number
      (Including country code)

      Date of Birth (format: DD/MM/YYYY)
      Please note that you need to be at least 18 years of age at the time of the event.

      Postal Address
      This must be filled out exactly as it should appear on an envelope (including line breaks).


      Which languages do you speak fluent enough to handle complex game situations?
      Please specify as follows:
      French - Native

      Shirt Size?

      Have you Judged at a YCS, and/or a WCQ: European Championship in the past 5 years?

      Do you already have a Judge shirt in the proper size?

      Have you passed the Rulings Comprehension (Level 1) test?
      A "pass" is a score of 80 or higher

      Have you passed the Rulings Comprehension (Level 2) test?
      A "pass" is a score of 80 or higher

      Have you passed the Policy Comprehension (Level 1) test?
      A "pass" is a score of 80 or higher

      Previous Judging Experience (Premier Events)
      This section is for YCS and World/European/National Championship experience. If you have been Judging for a long time, experience from January 2017 onwards is okay to write down.

      Please fill out as follows:
      YCS Rimini 2017- Deck Check
      WCQ European Championship 2018 - Floor (Team Lead)

      Previous Judging Experience (Other Events)
      This section is for Regional and Local level experience.

      Which Judge team(s) would you prefer to work with?
      Judges will only be considered for Feature Match Judging if the check box is selected.
      FloorDeck ChecksPaperPublic EventsDragon DuelFeature Match JudgeNo Preference

      Which Staff team(s) would you prefer to work with?
      Staff roles will not be considered if no check boxes are selected.
      ScorekeepingScorekeeper's ShieldDuel Links StaffBrand ActivitiesLive Stream Tablet OperatorNo Preference

      Which team(s) would you prefer NOT being part of?
      FloorDeck ChecksPaperPublic EventsDragon DuelStaff Roles

      Friday work availability
      If requested, would you be available to work on the Friday of the event?
      Friday Judges should be available from 13h00

      Would you like to be considered a back-up Judge if not selected?
      If not selected and the event reaches certain break points, we may need to call up additional Judges during the event. Please select below if you would like to be considered on back-up if not selected

      Do you require travel sponsorship to work the event? (EU Only)

      Would you still volunteer without travel sponsorship? (EU Only)

      Please supply any additional information here.

      Please note
      By submitting your application, you confirm that you have read and agree to all the information provided above and confirm that all information submitted is accurate.

      If you submit your application after the deadline, please send an email to, as otherwise your application may not be processed, and you may not receive a reply.