Judge Profile: Mathijs Schuurman

Mathijs Schuurman is a regular to the YCS curcuit as a player. For YCS Rimini he is working as a judge. We were curious to find out what made him switch sides. Read on to find out!

[b] Hi Mathijs, thanks for taking the time for an interview. First off, tell us how you got into [ygotcg]? [/b]
[quote] I started playing more than ten years ago. I was playing a different TCG then, so I was already familiar with the concept. I went to a convention where the game was demoed and I wanted to try it out. I enjoyed it a lot, more than all the other TCGs available at the time. It’s the interaction between players with the trap cards that really attracted me to the game. They allowed me to respond to my opponents actions on their turn. That was something completely new to me. I started with the release of [lob] and still remember my first deck very well. It was a pure stall deck until I drew into [lord of d] and [flute] to summon [bewd]. [/quote][abstand]
[b] What keeps you with the game for such a long time? [/b]
[quote] I started to pick up other tasks of the game. I started judging and hosting Regionals. I found those tasks very challenging and satisfying. Lately I started to host Dutch Nationals as well. I can proudly announce that ever since I took over we managed to double the number of participants. Therefore we recieved a higher number of regionals as well.[/quote][abstand]
[b] Sounds like you are doing a great job! What do you think is your secret? [/b]
[quote] Well, I think it’s me as a person. I’m a well-known person in our community and players have confidence that I’m able to host a great event. Another thing I’m doing different is that I always think about the players first. I try my best to make it a memorable event for all the participants. And that’s what players acknowledge and appreciate. When I took over my initial goal was to increase the number of players in my homecountry. Afterwards I also started to focus on creating awareness among the players that Regionals and Nationals are the first step to international events.[/quote]

[b] Why did you start judging at a YCS? [/b]
[quote] I always wanted to experience judging at the biggest events you can have. On a national level I tried everthing there is, now I want to start and learn to judge on an international level.[/quote]

[b] Is there any difference between judging a National and judging a YCS? [/b]
[quote] At nationals I can decide stuff on my own. I can work very independent and run the event the way I want to. Here at the YCS I’m working with a lot of experienced judges and we have to work as a team. Communicaiton is a big factor in this case due to all the language barriers in Europe.[/quote]

[b] How do feel going into your first YCS? [/b]
[quote] I’m really looking forward to the event. I’m already a little nervous and I feel more presseure since I only know the player side of YCS events.

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