Last Giant Card of this YCS is gone

21.11.2010 | 18:05 |
Today's last Giant Card does not have a long journey to make it into his new owner's room: It goes to Diego Badinotti, who lives in Pavia which is close to Milan
So Diego did not have a long way to come here but still had to Duel 5 rounds before he got the oversized "Naturia Pineapple". After contemplating a bit, Diego chose this card because he likes Plant Decks although he himself relied on a Psi-Blocker Gadget Deck. In the picture (Diego on the left) with him is Davide Bellocchio who is not just a good friend with whom Diego often plays the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME but was also his opponent in the semifinal. So both were just equally happy about Diego's success and seemed to have had a good time today at the YCS so close to their hometown.

Diego and Davide proudly present Naturia Pineapple which they have both been fighting for