Live Streaming: Behind the Scenes

As you all know by now, we have been Live Streaming the top Matches from this event so far, and it’s already proving to be quite popular! We thought it’d be cool to give you all a closer look at what goes into making this stream possible, so let’s take a tour!

The Passenger Terminal Amsterdam is an exquisite venue, but that's that on the top floor?

It looks like a Feature Match area, but something's different...
Aha! It's like a TV studio, but for Yu-Gi-Oh!
Our competitors show off their Dueling skills on the grand stage.
We're going all-out for this one; check out that camera!
Behind each Duelist is a Staff member who sends card information to the commentary team.
This is one of the camera views you can see on the Stream.
And here are the commentators! They'll be Yugi-famous by the time this weekend is over.
The commentators get a live feed of the action so that they can tell us all about it.
It's not just a few cameras and microphones though; here's our Stream Team!
These guys co-ordinate everything and upload it to Twitch.
The editing of the footage takes place in this special van outside the venue.
And inside our Editing team put everything together!

It truly is an awesome setup, talk about watching Matches in style!


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