Lost-and-found items from YCS Paris

19.04.2011 | 11:43 |
At any event that has so many Duelists converge in a venue, it is inevitable that some items get lost. At the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Paris, several abandoned Deckboxes, trade binders and other items were turned in by honest finders. Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH would like to return these lost items to their owners. If you have lost anything in the venue, please contact Please describe your lost items as detailled as possible (for example, if you lost a Deckbox, describe its color and the color of sleeves inside, Decktype, special cards etc.) and when and where you lost it, and include your postal address. If your item is among the lost-and-found items, they will be returned to you via mail. Any lost property still unclaimed after 6 months will no longer be kept.