Marco Baldovin wins the third ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!!

01.12.2013 | 16:47 |
This is the first European YCS where you can win Foil Giant Cards. Right now we just handed over the third one: Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand. Lucky winner of ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! was Marco Baldovin from Turin, Italy. He used Dragon Ruler to accomplish this!

Marco (left) and his close friend are super happy!

What Deck did you play? Why did you choose it?
Dragon Ruler are so powerful and strong!

What was your hardest Duel this tournament?
The final versus my close friend Pasini Alessio. It was hard to play against him, because we are so close friends. Maybe I can help him to win next time.

What was your best play this tournament?
It was not a real "play". I had a Crimson Blader facedown thanks to my opponent's Book of Moon. Somehow I convinced my opponent to attack it with Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms, despite Tempest not having enough ATK. Since Blader was flipped up by battle, my opponent also could not use his Bottomless Trap Hole

Why did you choose Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand?
Despite not playing it in my own Deck, I like Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand! I like the beautiful picture and the strong effect!