Markus Kölsch 1st winner of “ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!!” in Europe

25.09.2010 | 18:33 |

The first oversized card has found its owner:
Markus Kölsch from Bergisch Gladbach, Germany, is the first “ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!!” winner in Europe!

Markus proves a worthy winner of such a historic Yu-Gi-Oh! event: He already started playing the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME way back in 2003 when the game first came to Germany. Before, he had already known Yu-Gi-Oh! through the manga, and until know he has also played all video games.
“It’s great to be the first winner of the giant card”, Markus said while some players came closer to get a better look at the eye-catching prize card.
After the first rounds of the Main Event had not gone well enough, Markus decided to quit the Main Event and participate in a Public Events using his X-Saber Deck. A good decision considering that he now calls an oversized Scrap Dragon his own and himself first winner of the new event in Europe.