Meet Our Public Events Random Playoff Winner: Oliver Lukenda!

01.09.2013 | 19:26 |
Public Events have now come to a conclusion here at YCS Brussels and the only piece of unfinished business we have to attend to is the playoffs! One is random and anyone who has entered a Public Event over the weekend could be called up - and one is based on the number of events you've won over the two days. The random playoff was first to conclude and here is your winner, Oliver Lukenda! Let's find out a little more about his journey to a copy of Number 106: Giant Hand.


Oliver Lukenda is one of the first to own a copy of Number 106: Giant Hand!

Oliver Lukenda is one of the first to own a copy of Number 106: Giant Hand!


Oliver is from Bergisch Gladbach in Germany, and came here with friends this weekend. I asked him some questions about his time at the event and how he won the playoff: Did you play in the main event yesterday?
Yeah, I dropped from the tournament pretty early on and decided to play Public Events. One reason was because I really wanted to win one of the giant God cards and the other reason is because I wanted to get enough points to be in one of these playoffs!


What Decks have you been using in the Public Events?
I have been testing both Mermails and Spellbooks to see which is going to be the best one for this format. In the playoff I used Spellbooks because after testing I believe it will be the best Deck for this format. I use three copies of all the good cards to be consistent - this means three copies of High Priestess of Prophecy, three Justice of Prophecy and three Spellbook of Power along with the other staples like Spellbook Magician of Prophecy. I don't play any copies of World of Prophecy because it's a good card but it makes your Deck weaker and you will definitely draw bad hands more often.


What Decks did you have to play against in the playoffs?
I played against Blackwings first - in game one I drew a really mediocre hand and lost in about three turns, but I managed to just scrape through wins in games two and three. In the final I played a mirror match and my opponent just drew bad hands for both games.


What are you going to be doing with the prize card?
One of my friends is a collector and this is the first chance there has been to get hold of the card, so I will be giving it to him.


What do you think of the new Forbidden & Limited list?
I think with the new list Mermails and Spellbooks will be the best two Decks around - I will be using Spellbooks going forward!

Congratulations again to Oliver and we hope to see you at the next YCS in London!