Meet Team Europe 2018

10.07.2018 | 12:49 |
After this event we finally are able to present you Team Europe! In some countries the dust has already settled and the World Championship competitor has been diceded after Nationals. In other countries like France and the UK it was close and very much dependent on the result of the WCQ. In the end, these six Duelists made it and qualified for Worlds. These players will be representing Europe at the World Championship in Japan. Meet Team Europe:


Team Europe 2018 From left to right: Luke Parks, UK; Joshua Schmidt, Germany; Francesco Simoncelli, Italy; Matteo Mordanini, Italy; Loan Citte-Mielle, France; Darren Stevenson, UK.


rpt European Champion 2018: Luke Parks, UK


rpt Runner-Up European Championship 2018: Francesco Simoncelli


Darren Stephenson Points UK: Darren Stephenson


Joschua Schmidt Points Germany: Joschua Schmidt


Matteo Mordanini Points Italy: Matteo Mordanini


Loan Citte-Mielle Points France: Loan Citte-Mielle


Best of luck to all our European World Championship competitors. They all worked hard to get there. Bring the title home to Europe!