Mega LLDS Winner

30.10.2018 | 8:58 |
The Mega LLDS is only available at YCS events. It is still a fairly new addition to the Public Events schedule but usually attracts a huge number of Duelists. It was also the last Public Event to start, so often it’s also the last chance for Duelists to enter a big event. This time we had two Giant Card winners, because both had the necessary amount of wins to get 80 points. Check out their profiles!


Name: Guillaume Venier Age: 21 Country: Switzerland What Deck did play today? Thunder Dragon – I think the new cards are very powerful and make up a good field. Why did you choose to enter the Mega LLDS? In the Main Event I was on the bubble and took my third loss in Round 9. So, I decided to switch and take a shot on winning a Giant Card. How do you like our new prize system? I think it is good, because you can choose what you like. Any last words? Shoutouts to Mountain Owls Team.


Name: Thao Nguyen Hong Age: 26 Country: Germany What Deck did play today? Paleozoic – the Deck runs a lot of traps! I like to play backrow Decks and it has a good match-up against Thunder Dragons. The Deck is geared towards outgrinding my opponent with cards like Toadally Awesome! Why did you choose to enter the Mega LLDS? I had three reason to get in: First off, I wanted to win a Giant Card. Secondly, I wanted to earn my invite to Stage 2 and thirdly the event didn’t start until 12, so I did not have to decide which one to play. How do you like our new prize system?In my opinion it is more fair solution to everybody playing in Public Events even though I’m aware that it means less prizes for the winners. I wish there was a possibility to carry on the points to the next events. Currently, it is almost impossible to choose a prize card like Minerva, because you need too many points for it. Any last words? Shoutouts to Chung and Cun who stayed at home and to Team Crisis Core #FORZÀCC.