Mega Regional Winner

29.10.2017 | 17:50 |

The Mega Regional is a rather new addition to the Public Events schedule. It stands out from all of the rest, because you get a chance to win a YCS Price Card from the past. This time it was a copy of [blood mefist].
Mega Regional Winner
[b]Name: [/b] Pascal Kiehm
[b]Age: [/b] 17
[b]Country: [/b] Germany, Berlin
[b]What Deck did play today? [/b] Trickstar – I was able to make it to Day 2 with it, but lost on the bubble. I didn’t want to play SPYRALs in the first place and wanted to play a deck that can run as many as handtraps as possible without hindering the consistency of the deck.
[b]Why did you choose to enter the Mega Regional? [/b] I was attracted by the Prize card and the invite for the WCQ.
[b]Any last words? [/b] Shoutouts to my Team Seventh Sense and my family at home and BB-Land in Berlin.