Mega Regionals Winner: Leon Dowe-Ranger

30.10.2016 | 18:35 |
The Mega Regional is a rather new addition to the Public Events schedule at a YCS. It stands out from all of the rest, because you get a chance to win a YCS Price Card from the past. This time it was Blood Mefist.




Name: Leon Dowe-Ranger Age: 25 Country: UK, London What Deck did play today? ABC – it’s the 1st YCS I ever played in. I entered the Main Event with an Anti-Meta Deck which I’m much more used to. It didn’t work out at all. I switched the Deck for today and played for fun. Why did you choose to enter the Mega Regional? First I decided to try my luck and have fun playing the Deck and see how it works. The price support was another point for me deciding to enter the Mega Regional. It costs almost the same as a regular one. Any last words? Shoutouts to the Brotherhood, my locals and Abid, who he let me borrow some cards.


Congratulations to Leon, have fun with your new price card. To all of you out there: don’t forget that whenever you attend a Premier Event like a YCS, there is great prize support at Public Events as well!