Merlin Schumacher’s “Dragunity Assault” Deck.

[p]Ever since the release of [sddl] we’ve seen a huge rise in the popularity of Dragunities, mainly because of [ravine]. Thanks to this Field Spell, Dragunity Duelists can set up impressive combos and Summon Synchro after Synchro, turn after turn. All the now classic Dragunity tricks are present in Merlin Schumacher’s Dragunity Deck, but he’s also running a few cards that will turn a LOT of heads.[/p]

Schumacher's got some tricks up his sleeve!

[quote][i]Check back here tomorrow for the Decklist![/i][/quote]
[p]Schumacher’s Deck centers around [ravine] and the combos it has with [dux]. With [ravine] he discards a card to either send a Dragon to the Graveyard or add a Level 4 or lower Dragon-Type monster to his hand. The most common move is to play [ravine], send [phalanx] to the Graveyard and then [ns] [dux]. Dux will equip the [phalanx] to itself and Phalanx’s effect will [ss] itself. From there Schumacher Synchro Summons the Level 6 [vajrayana], who can get Phalanx back again and set up a Level 8 Synchro Summon.[/p]
[p]If Schumacher decides to Summon [stardust] things can get very interesting for the opponent, as he’s also running [asactivate] and [sdam]. When [stardust]'[s] on the field he can use [asactivate] at any time and “power up” his Dragon into an even more powerful one, capable of negating almost anything. Most Duelists won’t expect this and if they try to remove [stardust] from play with [caius], [sorcerer] or [prison], Schumacher can quickly Chain his Trap card and pile even more pressure on his opponent. If Schumacher doesn’t have [asactivate] in his hand he can also use his lone copy of [asbeast] to quickly get it from his Deck.[/p]
[p]One potential problem with this Strategy is that [sdam] can’t be Special Summoned from Schumacher’s hand, but in a pinch he’ll be able to discard it for [ravine] and then send it back to the Deck with [poa]. Sometimes just discarding [sdam] will be enough to confuse his opponent, who may expect Schumacher to have a second copy. This will cause his opponent to desperately try to get rid of [stardust] before or after it’s Summoned, something which Schumacher can capitalise on with ease.[/p]

[p]Schumacher’s Spell and Trap lineup is designed to optimise his chances of playing [ravine] and then making the most of it while taking care of opposing threats like [warning]. 3 [terraforming] and 3 [ravine] ensure that Schumacher can quickly run through his Deck and set up his combos, and he can play 2 [ravine] in a single turn if he needs to speed things up a little. [consonance] provides extra speed while also sending [phalanx] to the Graveyard for [dux] to utilise later on. [/p]
[p]2 copies of [7tools] ensure that Schumacher can eliminate the threat of [warning] and [judgment], and Schumacher’s own [warning][s] do what they do best to protect his Synchro Monsters. Schumacher’s also running single copies of [oppression], [ced] and [prison] to pick off his opponents monsters where possible and to ensure that he can lock his opponent out of Duels.[/p]

[p]Dragunities are one of the many Decks we can expect to see at the top tables, and Schumacher’s unique tech cards could be just what he needs to make Top 32.[/p]

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