Mike’s Battle Pack Deck

The players don’t get to have all the fun. While the Duelists were building their Decks for the tournament, the coverage staff was given their own card pool with which to construct a Deck. Check out my card pool and the 30-card Deck that I constructed from it!

Here's my Registration Sheet!
Here's my Registration Sheet!

As you can see from the Registration Sheet pictured above, my card pool consists of the following cards:

Traps: 7

Call of the Haunted

Magic Cylinder

Liberty at Last!

Mirror Force

Skill Successor

Reckless Greed

Damage Gate

Spells: 8

Axe of Despair

Bait Doll

Enemy Controller

Offerings to the Doomed


Swords of Revealing Light

United We Stand

Monster Gate

Monsters: 35 (including 3 Xyz Monsters)

Obelisk the Tormentor

Witch of the Black Forest

Wind-Up Dog


Toon Gemini Elf
The Tricky

Tanngrisnir of the Nordic Beasts

Stealth Bird

Snowman Eater

Phantom of Chaos

Noisy Gnat

Milla the Temporal Magician

Injection Fairy Lily

Hyper Hammerhead

Helping Robo for Combat

Gravitic Orb


Freed the Matchless General


Dark Dust Spirit
Cyber Valley

Cloudian – Poison Cloud

Chainsaw Insect

Card Trooper (x2)

Big Shield Gardna

Bazoo the Soul-Eater

Backup Warrior

Arcana Force XIV – Temperance

Ancient Gear Golem (x2)

Amazoness Sage

Number 39: Utopia

Gem-Knight Pearl

Gachi Gachi Gantetsu

Take a look at my card pool!
Take a look at my card pool!

I can quickly spot some synergy among the cards in my card pool. First off, Card Trooper is able to send cards from the top of my Deck to my Graveyard. Phantom of Chaos can then copy the ATK of monsters sent to the Graveyard by Card Trooper’s effect.

You’ll also notice that I pulled Obelisk the Tormentor, with a couple of cards that help to Summon it. Tanngrisnir of the Nordic Beasts, for example, leaves behind 2 Nordic Beast Tokens that can be Tributed for a Tribute Summon when it’s destroyed in battle. Swords of Revealing Light keeps monsters from being destroyed in battle, so they can be Tributed for a Tribute Summon on a later turn.

Monsters that can be Special Summoned, like Gilasaurus and Backup Warrior, help to enable Tribute Summons of big monsters like Obelisk the Tormentor and Ancient Gear Golem. Strong defenders like Big Shield Gardna (2600 DEF) and Snowman Eater (1900 DEF) also help keep monsters on the field for Tribute Summons.

I pulled 3 Xyz Monsters: Number 39: Utopia, Gem-Knight Pearl, and Gachi Gachi Gantetsu. I’ll throw all three of them into my Extra Deck, in order to maximize my options throughout each Duel.

I also pulled a bunch of monsters that have low Levels and high ATK, like Injection Fairy Lily (which boosts itself to 3400 ATK), Chainsaw Insect (2400 ATK), and Toon Gemini Elf (1900 ATK). United We Stand and Axe of Despair can boost the ATK of my weaker monsters so that they can triumph over stronger ones in battle.

Keeping these simple combos and strategies in mind, here’s the 30 card Deck that I quickly constructed:

Monsters: 19

1 Obelisk the Tormentor
1 Witch of the Black Forest

1 Tragoedia

1 Toon Gemini Elf

1 The Tricky

1 Stealth Bird

1 Snowman Eater

1 Big Shield Gardna

1 Phantom of Chaos

1 Card Trooper

1 Tanngrisnir of the Nordic Beasts

1 Backup Warrior

1 Injection Fairy Lily

1 Gilasaurus

1 Dark Dust Spirit

1 Cyber Valley

1 Chainsaw Insect

1 Ancient Gear Golem

1 Bazoo the Soul-Eater

Spells: 6

1 United We Stand

1 Swords of Revealing Light

1 Scapegoat

1 Axe of Despair

1 Enemy Controller

1 Offerings to the Doomed

Traps: 5

1 Call of the Haunted

1 Magic Cylinder

1 Liberty at Last!

1 Mirror Force

1 Skill Successor

Extra Deck: 3

1 Gachi Gachi Gantetsu

1 Number 39: Utopia

1 Gem-Knight Pearl

Here's my Deck!
Here's my Deck!

This was just one of many ways to construct a 30-card Deck from a 50-card pool. Which cards would you use in your Deck if you had this card pool?

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