More Attack of the Giant Card champions!!!

02.12.2012 | 18:39 |

[p]The first winner is Claudio Kirchmair from Austria In today’s Public Events, the 25 year old played a Dino Rabbit with which he won his Giant Card. In the final round, Claudio Kirchmair defeated a Mermail Deck. Claudio Kirchmair immediately chose Prophecy Destroyer which he is very happy to give a new home for. [/p]

[p]The last Giant card of this weekend was won by Miha Flisek from Slovenia. The 19 year old played Chaos Dragon and was rewarded with Moulinglacia![/p]

[p]That’s all we have for Attack of the Giant Card this time around, join us for more next time at YCS Bochum![/p]