More Public Events results: Giant Cards and YCS Trial

While the last Duels of the Main Event were being played, the Public Events were still going on, holding just as much Dueling Action.

In the second “Attack of the Giant Card!” event, Lucas Schibli from Wettingen, Switzerland, was victorious with his T. G. Anti Meta Deck.
The 20-year old player chose the giant Master Hyperion because it is a very new and interesting card that is popular since its current release in Structure Deck: Lost Sanctuary and because he likes the fast Fairies.

Lucas Schibli just has to find out how to get this card safely to Switzerland

Today’s YCS Trial also finished after 6 rounds. The happy winner, 22 year old Thierry Courrieu will now be invited by Konami to an upcoming YCS in Europe.
Courrieu, playing Tengu Plant, is from France but living in Belgium. Therefore, he’d like to have a YCS in Belgium once but if he could choose one for his invitation, he’d like to have one in Greece.

Thierry Courrieu will be seen at an upcoming YCS

The only players still playing after the Main Event final was the third “Attack of the Giant Card!”, giving away an oversized Gold Rare “Five-Headed Dragon”. The last winner of today’s Public Events and new owner of the giant Dragon from Gold Series 4 became Juan Manuel López. The 22-year old Tengu Plant-player luckily does not have to travel too far as he came from Toledo, Spain, to Madrid.

The golden Five-Headed Dragon will stay in Spain

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