“Nationals Season” is coming up!

National Season is about to start! Only one week until the first WCQ: National Championships are held. Here are my personal reasons why I really enjoy this time.

I love “Nationals Season”, because it’s a chance to compete with all the players from your home country. The event is very popular among players and draws a lot of attention and competition. Once a year all the players of their respective countries gather to battle out the title of the National Champion. A title the winner may hold for the whole year. It also earns them an invitation to the European Championships and a chance to hopefully compete in the World Championship. Can it get any better? As a Duelist I always dreamed of getting the chance to play in the World Championship just once in my lifetime, I think it’s the highest goal a player can reach in [ygo].

Due to the small size of Austria no one wants to miss this and it’s usually one of the biggest national events of the year. It’s also a chance to meet old friends and simply have a good time and hang out with them after the event.
Austrian Nationals are one of the first to be held this year, taking place next weekend. Before I started doing coverage for Konami I didn’t miss a single National since 2005. I love the tension before the event. Everybody is hustling, trying to get cards they are missing to complete their decks. When you are finished with the decklist you are usually pumped and can’t wait to get started.

The first Round is always something special. Nobody wants to start with a first Round loss, not only due to bad Tie Breakers, also because it is some sort of motivation and to me it’s also always was an indicator of how the event is about to go: Did I make the right Deck choice? Did I choose the right tech cards? Is my Side Deck well built? All those questions are usually answered in the course of Round 1. It is always a friendly atmosphere at our Nationals. We share the same passion and have a good laugh even when we are losing.

In case you have missed it: in the course of this event the place and the date for the WCQ: European Championship 2015 was announced. It is going to be held from 3rd – 5th of July in Dublin, Ireland. A great event in an exceptional city lies ahead of us. So be sure to go there, you don’t want to miss all the action. As for Nationals, you can follow the event coverage of the Austrian National Championship right here next week, so be sure to return and join the fun.

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