Our first YCS Toulouse WCQ Regional Winner!

[p]Brent Hermans is our first WCQ winner of the day taking his Inzektor deck all the way to the finish![/p]

A quick switch pays off for Brent Hermans

[p]This is the second YCS event that 18 year old Brent Hermans from Belgium has attended, the first being YCS Leipzig just a few months ago. Brent secured his place in the WCQ European Championship but he is unfortunately unable to attend although he hopes to play in another in the future. His final match up paired him off against another Inzektor player where Brent sealed away the final duel with a well timed [lance] protecting his [b]Inzektor Centipede[/b] allowing him to attack for game. We asked Brent if he had any interesting tricks to help give him the edge in the event, he replied that he was able to use his side decked [b]Jurrac Guaiba[/b] to summon [dolkka] much to his opponents surprise.

[p]When asked why he choose to play Inzektors he answered that he played a Dino Rabbit Deck in the main event but kept losing out to Inzektors, so he thought he would give it a try![/p]

A quick change in strategy rewards Brent Hermans with a win here today! [/p]

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