Out now: Realm of Light Structure Deck!

The latest structure Deck allows the power of the Lightsworn monsters to shine through once again. Popular years ago, they have been around in multiple variants since then but never really in a solo build. The release of three new monsters really strengthens the build and allows the Deck to deal some serious damage. Let’s take a closer look!


[sdli] was released just this week (26 June 2014) and is already causing a stir among the players here at the European Championship with many planning on using the exciting Deck to storm the tournament this weekend. This exciting new Structure Deck comes with the following cards:

1 [alexandrite]
1 [minerva]
1 [raiden]
1 [jd]
1 [gragonith]
1 [celestia]
2 [jain]
2 [lyla]
1 [garoth]
1 [wulf]
1 [ehren]
2 [lumina]
1 [aurkus]
1 [shire]
2 [ryko]
1 [honest]
1 [light dia]
1 [l dead]
1 [v pri]
1 [raven]
1 [cerbu]
1 [zephy]
1 [gardna]
1 [michael]

1 [l sanc]
2 [realm]
1 [recharge]
1 [charge]
1 [mcarnation]
1 [foolish]

1 [glorillusion]
1 [lbarrier]
1 [beckoning]
1 [successor]
1 [bts]
A couple of new cards really strengthen this Deck. [michael], [raiden] and [minerva] all add to the Monster base, while [l sanc] is a new Spell Card.

[raiden] is one of the fastest Lightsworn cards in existence. His ability to send four cards to the Graveyard each turn really speeds up the engine. Given that a large proportion of a Lightsworn Deck is monsters it also means he has a chance of being 1900 on every turn – a real hard-hitter for a level four Monster.

[minerva] is helpful in two ways: firstly she is a Tuner so can bring out the newly released [michael] with ease using any other Level 4 Monsters. Later in the game she also has a great ability to add a [jd] to your hand if you have eight Lightsworn monsters in your Graveyard – which is not very difficult!

[michael] is the first Lightsworn Synchro Monsters to be released and can single-handedly win games on his own. Firstly he has a removal effect not quite as powerful as [jd] but with the choice of which card to Banish on the field. He also provides you with a great exit strategy in order to not Deck out too quickly, allowing you to fill up your Deck with any Lightsworn Monsters you may want to use again. This is great if you have a [raiden] in your hand or multiple copies of a Lightsworn Monster in the Graveyard.

[l sanc] is a new Continuous Spell Card which will be used primarily to protect Lightsworn Monsters. Every time one of your Lightsworn Monsters sends cards from the Deck to the graveyard you get to place a Shine Counter on it. These Shine Counters can be removed to protect your Monsters from removal, which means if your opponent tries to use a game-changing card like [hole] you can protect your entire field!

As you can see, Lightsworn have had a huge boost with the release of [sdli] and will have a large following of Duelists here piloting the Deck over the weekend. Keep your eyes peeled for Feature Matches showing these cards in more details over the next few days!

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