Overall Deck & Country Breakdown of WCQ: European Championship 2017

24.06.2017 | 20:42 |

We do not only provide you with Deck Profiles, Duelist Profiles and Quick Question. A crucial part of our WCQ coverage is the Metagame breakdowns by Deck and by Country. Here are the numbers for Utrecht!

Country Breakdown small[abstand]
The most represented country is Germany accounting for approximately 30% of the overall field. The following places are all close together with the United Kingdom coming in second, France and the Netherlands are equal on third place. Italy has also slightly more than a 100 Duelists in competition today. We will see how the numbers will split up on Day 2.
Deck Breakdown small[abstand]
Zoodiac is still the deck to beat. Even though some people thought it might loose steam after the latest Forbidden & Limited List, they were proven wrong. True Draco and True Draco Zoo are also very popular here today. I wonder if numbers will change tomorrow. I guess ratios will shift towards Zoo. After winning the German National Championship Wind Witch Invoked became more popular again. Today there are 92 Duelists putting their faith in the deck.