Overall Deck & Country Breakdown YCS Ghent 2019

21.09.2019 | 14:17 |
More than 1.700 Duelists entered the Main Event for YCS Ghent making this the third largest YCS ever to held in Europe! That's a huge number and we are very happy that we were able to attract such a huge crowd when going to e new city. With out further ado we would like to present you the overall Deck & Country Brekadown for YCS Ghent 2019.


Overall Country Breakdown


Germany is the most represented country in Ghent with 499 Duelists in the competition. France is close with 421 Duelists here in Ghent. That's a surprisingly high number of French Duelists and a strong sign of commitment. We are happy about this strong showing. Coming in third is Belgium with more than 200 Duelists. That's a pretty strong showing at a YCS in their home-country.


Overall Deck Breakdown


Sky Striker and Orcust are almost on par. Both Decks are run by more than 200 Duelists at this event. Taking Lunalight Orcust into account as well, Orcust would be the most represented Deck at this event. In third place, there is Thunder Dragons with 173 Decks and Salamangreat are still picked up by 149 Duelists in Ghent.