Overall Deck Spread at the WCQ: European Championship 2010

The WCQ: European Championship is the latest in a long run of high profile Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME events, and with a big event such as this Duelists chose the Decks that they felt were the strongest, giving them the best possible chance of winning the tournament. We saw lots intense Dueling and some interesting Decks at Day 1 of the event this weekend, and now we can show you the entire Deck spread for the main event, as well as the Dragon Duel tournament taking place this weekend.


As you can see above, X-Sabers are the most popular Deck here this weekend, used by 63 of the 183 Duelists in the WCQ: European Championship and 7 of the 53 Duelists participating in the Dragon Duel. Throughout the day in both the feature matches here, and on the video match tables at the event we’ve seen the wide variety of powerful combos that the X-Saber Deck can produce, and it is no surprise that it is the most popular Deck here today.

Next up in the main event we have Infernities, at 28 Decks. Most of the more experienced Duelists were deciding between this Deck and X-Sabers before settling on this chosen Decks this weekend, and even in our QQ article on what Decks Duelists expected to win, the majority of them said either X-Sabers or Infernities.

The third most popular Deck at the WCQ: European Championship today is Frog Monarch, with 17 Duelists. While the Deck isn’t as fast as X-Sabers and Infernities, it is capable of controlling an entire Duel from the very first turn, and with cards like Light and Darkness Dragon and Vanity’s Fiend, it can be a very difficult Deck to break down.

There were lots of other Decks on display here today as well, and here is the total breakdown of what the Duelists were using!

Deck WCQ: EC2010 Dragon Duel
X-Sabers 63 7
Infernity 28 4
Frog Monarch 17 2
Blackwings 15 5
Gladiator Beast 15 2
Machina Gadget 7 5
Cat Synchro 5  
Herald 4 2
Gadget Stun 4  
Non-Gadget Stun 4  
Lightsworn 3 5
Anti-Meta 3  
Frog OTK 2 2
Twilight 2 1
Skill Drain Beatdown 2 1
Absolute Zero 2  
Flamvell Synchro 1 1
Quickdraw Dandywarrior 1  
Diva Control 1  
Final Countdown 1  
Disaster Dragon 1  
Gravekeepers 1  
Dimensional Gravekeepers 1  
Other   7
Six Samurai   2
Zombies   1
EARTH Beatdown   1
Geminis   1
Batterymen   1
Monarch   1
Quickdraw Dragon   1
Total 183 52
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