Overview of today’s Public Events, including the second Giant Card winner

16.07.2011 | 21:49 |

Today’s Public Events offered casual Dueling for the younger players with the Duelist League as well as “Win-a-mat” and “Attack of the Giant Card!”.
30 mats with popular Yu-Gi-Oh! designs were given away to the winners of the 30 Win-a-mat-tournaments today in which 8 players each Duelled in single elimination for one of the sought-after mats.
Beside this, two “Attack of the Giant Card!” were played with 32 players per tournament in single elimination rounds.

The second Giant Card goes to 17-year old Arman Haji-Ghassemi. The Duelist from the first European YCS-town Bochum, Germany, played his own special version of a Macrocosmos Deck. The semifinal against a Gravekeeper Deck was his toughest match in the 5 rounds; if he had not drawn Nobleman of the Crossout with only 5 cards left in the Deck and 200 Life Points, Haji-Ghassemi would either have run out of cards or been defeated by his opponent’s attack. The final went better for the 17-year old, and after a 2:0 victory, he chose Doomcaliber Knight over Master Hyperion as giant card because Doomcaliber used to be his favourite card.

17-year old Arman Haji-Ghassemi presenting the giant Gold Rare Doomcaliber Knight

In total 64 players played to win 2 giant cards

In total, 240 players participated in 30 tournaments to win a mat

Today's most chosen gamemat: the 2011 Akiza mat