Parents & Opinions: Andrea Thompstone from the UK

28.10.2018 | 13:18 |

At the parental area we spotted Andrea Thompstone from the UK. She came all the way from Burton-on-Trent with her three sons to attend YCS London. We were curious to find out what made her come here, how she feels about her children playing Yu-Gi-Oh!.




Hi Andrea, what made you come to London?
We came just for the Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament to London. It’s our first big event and only our second tournament overall. All of my sons are here to compete in the tournament. My oldest son had to attend the Main Event, because he is already to old for the Dragon Duels. The twins are playing in the Dragon Duel.

How did they get in touch with the game?

My oldest son started watching the Anime on Amazon Prime. We found the original series there and they got hooked. I decided to buy a structure Decks for the twins and they are the ones who originally started to play the TCG. The oldest watched them play and tried it himself as well. That’S how it all started and now we are here!

How do feel about your children playing Yu-Gi-Oh!?
I like it. It’s great, because it is interactive. They get in touch with other kids instead of being glued to their phone. The game itself is very challenging and they learn a lot from playing it. There is a lot of strategy involved! You have to plan your moves and think about it in advance. And what I like most: there is math’s involved. They are still learning a lot from playing the game.

How do support your kids?
I’ve come down here for this weekend for a start! We only realized two or three weeks ago that there are real tournaments for the game. My kids came up to me and asked me to see if there is a place to go and play the game. We googled for it and this showed up! Only two or three weeks ago, we went to our first real tournament: the Sneak Peek for the latest set in Darby.

Have you ever tried to play Yu-Gi-Oh! yourself?
Actually, I have never played the game myself. They try to explain it to me every now and then, but up until now, it sounded too complicated for me. Yesterday, I talked to a parent who played with my sons and they had great fun. So, one day I will try to learn and understand the game. That’s a promise!

Impression from the event?
It’s busy! I was surprised to see how many people were playing the game. The event itself seems very well organized and the judges are very helpful.
I don’t think I realized how long it would take. Yesterday, we were here all day long and left around 8. Our personal highlight was Edward winning his Game Mat on the Wheel on Fortune. He was very happy about it.

Do you have any final words
I wish there was another age group with Duelists that are already too old to play in the Dragon Duel, something between 13 and 18 probably, because the gap between Dragon Duel and the Main Event is huge. We had to find out that the skill Level at the Main Event is a lot higher than at a local for example. Other than that, I wish there were more pictures on the event page to show people what to expect at an event like this. If you’ve never been here before, you are easily overwhelmed by the size.