Parents & Opinions: Corinne from the UK

07.07.2018 | 15:29 |
At the parental area we spotted Corinne. She came here to accompany her son Nad the current Dragon Duel Champion from the UK. We were curious to find out what made her come here, how she feels about her son playing Yu-Gi-Oh!.




Hi Corinne, what made you come to Berlin?
I came here with my son Nad. He’s the reigning Dragon Duel Champion from the UK. He’s playing in the Dragon Duel Event and doing very well so far. It’s my first time in Berlin and unfortunately, I didn’t find time to see the city. We are leaving early on Monday, so we won’t get to visit the city at all. Nad has been here before. He came here with his school and spent a few days in Berlin.


How do feel about your son playing Yu-Gi-Oh!?
My son has been playing the game for 3 years now. He started at the age of ten and played at school with his mates. A year ago we went to our locals for the first time and ever since he got hooked. I love him playing the game. It links to schoolwork, to strategy and analytical thinking. He also learns how to lose with grace. It teaches him to talk to people from other ages, ethics and such. He learns a lot from the game. In his club he’s the youngest and all his teammates are very kind and lovely to him.


How do support your kids?
I take him to locals at least once a week. I feel like he’s still too young to go there alone. We also travel to Regionals and Nationals and now even to the WCQ in continental Europe. We also buy him cards to keep his Deck updated. The good cards can be quite expensive.


Have you ever tried to play Yu-Gi-Oh! yourself?
He tried to teach me, but I can’t get around to play it. My husband has tried it as well and he’s a little bit better than me. The game is pretty hard to understand and to be honest it was too difficult for me.


Impression from the event?
The event is amazing. I feel like the organization has improved a lot since Utrecht. I’m pleased to see that the whole event is very inclusive and very multi-cultural. It seems like everybody is getting along with each other and everybody is very respectful. The youngster are happy to talk to anybody in the room. There are no barriers.
Do you have any final words
I pretty happy to see so many younger players this year in the Dragon Duel. I wish you could get even more Youngsters involved in the game.