Parents & Opinions: Frank Ackermann from Germany

22.09.2019 | 12:03 |

At the parental area we spotted Frank Ackermann and his son Yannik. Both are from Langen, Germany and came here to compete at the Dragon Duel in Ghent. Yannik has already been to Urtecht to compete in the Dragon Duel there. It was his fist big event and he wanted more!
[b] Hi Yannik, what made you come to Ghent?[/b]
[quote] I came here to compete in another big event. We’ve been to Utrecht in June and I enjoyed it so much, that I wanted to go here as well. The great thing of going to these events is that you meet so many new people and that there are so many now opponents. I wanted to play as many duels as possible, so I decided to enter the Main Event on Saturday as well. I played all the 8 Rounds and I noticed that it’s pretty hard to stay focused over this long period of time. I ended up 4:4 in the Main Event and I’m pretty proud of myself. I picked up a loss after playing at the wrong table. I mixed up table numbers and played the wrong opponent. That messed me up a little bit and I was annoyed of myself.[/quote]
[b] How do feel about your son playing [ygo]?[/b]
[quote] I’m proud of how he performs and how is handling all this stuff. He did very good yesterday in the Main Event. Even though I’m his guardian, he’s handling most of the stuff for himself. I feel like he is learning a lot from the game. He needs to talk English to the other players to get along. He is also learning how to behave in a fair and respectful manner during duels. I guess that’s all things he will need later in life as well. [/quote]
[b] How do support your son?[/b]
[quote] We are going to events together. I take him there and we spend time there. Of course, there is also financial support in order to get the cards that he needs.
From time to time we are also dueling, but I can’t keep up with him anymore. His younger brother plays [ygo] as well, but he’s not on his level yet. We will take him to an event next year probably.
[b] How do you build your decks?[/b]
[quote] I usually start by watching deck profiles and interviews on YouTube. I like to collect different ideas and opinions to complement my own ideas. I always end up using my own ideas to build my decks. It’s important to me that my decks suit me and bear my own hallmarks. For example, I was also playtesting Pendulum for this event, but I didn’t feel comfortable with it, so I decided to stick with Salamangreat.
I also go to our locals two times a week where I meet a lot of people. I talk to a lot of the guys there and learn a lot. I collect opinions, get feedback and try to improve as a Duelists.
[b] Impression from the event?[/b]
[quote] [b]Yannik:[/b] The event is great, and I like the possibilities they are offering. You can play in the Main Event, you can attend Public Events. There are a lot of cool things going on here. I only wish that the overtime between Rounds was shorter. I had troubles staying focused over the course of the event.
[b]Frank:[/b] I agree with my son. The organization is good, and the event feels well run. There also seems to be enough staff, so you can easily find a judge if you need something. I also like that there are sellers at the venue, where you can get cards should you need some. I miss the carnival games.
[b]Do you have any final words[/b]
[quote] Shoutouts to the siblings at home. They are rooting for me and I keep them updated after each Round.