Parents & Opinions: Joachim Schröter from Germany

29.10.2019 | 10:50 |
At the parental area we spotted Joachim Schröter. He came all the way from Germany to compete in YCS London together with his son Aaron who attending the Dragon Duel event. Joachim had a 7:1:2 record when we spoke to him. His son Aaron did well on previous Dragon Duels and wants to repeat his success.


Joachin & Aaron Schröter


Hi Joachim, how did you get in touch with Yu-Gi-Oh!?
My son found his way into Yu-Gi-Oh! through school. That was in 2016 when his classmates had some cards and started Dueling during breaks. Back then, he didn’t have a clue about the game, and they introduced him to the TCG. The game sparked my interest as well, because during my youth I was playing chess and I like to play strategic games. I decided to buy the latest Structure Decks and we started playing at home. I remember it very well: it was Monarch vs. Pendulum back then. One day, I decided to go to a local store to see what’s going on there. I started playing there and passed on the information to both of my sons. The community was very welcoming, but we noticed how little we knew about the game. After that we started attending Regionals and our locals on a regular basis and I enjoy spending time with my kids.
What was your biggest success so far?
Aarons interested was sparked when he made it into Top 4 for the first time in Utrecht. That gave him the necessary motivation to keep on playing. Our biggest success so far was that all of us were qualified for the World Championship Qualifier in Utrecht in 2019. All of us played there, but none managed to make it to Worlds.
How do feel about your children playing Yu-Gi-Oh!?
I like it a lot! As I said before: I’ve been a passionate chess player in my youth and I’m happy that he’s interested in something similar. It is a strategic card game where you have to plan your moves in advance. You have to consider certain cards and what the opponent might have. I feel like he learns a lot from playing the game. Most of the opponents are nice and friendly guys. Sometimes you get to meet opponents that can’t lose. That makes me feel uncomfortable.
How do support your kids?
Well, the game is very expensive. The cards are expensive and if you really want to play on a competitive Level you have to have certain cards. For example, Ash and Phantazmay were very expensive for a certain period of time and you needed to own three copies. Until now, I’ve bought him the cards. The other thing is travelling. We go to different events throughout the whole year. But it’s hard to take off from work and Aaron needs to go to school on Monday. So, we have to leave early today and hope to finish soon. That’s the biggest issue we have. Aaron can’t take a break from school whenever he wants. Staying updated on cards and Decks is very time consuming. The game is constantly evolving, and I try to stay up-to-date to teach Aaron all the new Decks. I’m watching some YouTube channels to get information about new cards and Decks and pass this information on to Aaron. Then we decided which Decks to build and play at the events.
Have you ever tried to play Yu-Gi-Oh! yourself?
Basically, I started playing competitive before Aaron did. I attended our locals to go and see what it’s like. Later on, Aaron joined me and now we go there together. We are playtesting together and prepare for big events.
What impression do you have from the event?
The cap was very unfortunate. I know a lot of people who weren’t able to enter the Main Event on Saturday. I feel like Konami should be preparing for more players and provide bigger venues. For future events, I feel like you should have an online pre-registration process. You go there, invest a lot of time and money and I feel like you have to have the chance to enter the Main Event if you like to. Apart from that I had great fun playing in the Main Event. I met a lot of people from different countries. All of them were nice guys and we had fun playing Yu-Gi-Oh!. For Round 9 I was paired against Jesse Kotton. Unfortunately, he didn’t show up.
Do you have any final words
Shoutouts to all the Duelists in Hannover and Porta Westfalica. That’s our local store where we play on a regular basis. Shoutouts to my family and friends at home in Minden.