Parents & Opinions: Jong-Myong Seo

25.02.2018 | 11:25 |

At the parent area we met Jong-Myong Soe. He is here with his two sons. The family lives here in Bochum and they decided to come here today on short notice. Both of his sons entered the Main Event and they are having a good time.


Family Seo


Hi Jong-Myong Seo, what made you come to Bochum?
We live here in Bochum and it’s our first time at a YCS. A friend of my sons found the information about the event on the internet. He was searching for a tournament and spotted the YCS. We showed up yesterday only to find out that there is a kid’s event on Sunday. So, we decided to come here today for them to play at the Dragon Duel.

Have you ever tried to play Yu-Gi-Oh! yourself?
I’ familiar with the game and the rules, but I only play with my kids after school or in the evening. They introduced me to the game and I still serve as their practice partner. In primary school there are few kids playing Yu-Gi-Oh!. Most of them are more into Pokemon, so they have only a few friends to play with.

How do feel about your sons playing Yu-Gi-Oh!?
I played Magic back then, so I knew what they were into. At first, I was skeptical because I didn’t want school to suffer. But now I noticed that they are having fun and learn a lot. They need to do Maths when counting life points for example.


How do support your kids?
As I mentioned before this is our first event. Usually, I take them to their friends to duel or we play at home. I help them to build their Decks. We bought Structure Decks to have a basic card pool and every now and then we buy packs to improve their Decks. Sometimes we also receive cards from grandparents and such.


What are your impressions from the event?
I was surprised of the sheer size of the event. We were amazed of the number of players at the event. Even the smaller kids already take the game very seriously. We are treated well by the staff and feel comfortable. The one thing that bothers me is that some of the other Dragon Duelists seem to already have full powered Decks. My kids will be having a hard time competing. I hope it won’t be too disappointing for them.


Final words
Thank’s for the interview and the opportunity to have a good time.