Parents & Opinions: Roland Gress

24.02.2019 | 12:54 |
At the parental area we spotted Roland Gress. He came all the way to Düsseldorf for his sons to play in the Dragon Duel. For some of you the name rings a bell. Roland is a former German Yu-Gi-Oh! player, a former Pharao Tour winner and National Champion. Now he’s here with his sons, what a coincidence!




Hi Roland, how did you get in touch with Yu-Gi-Oh!?
I’ve spent 5 years of my life with the game. I started playing almost 15 years ago and invested a lot of time into it. During school we’ve spent days and days playing Yu-Gi-Oh!. At a certain point “real life” got me and I quit roughly 10 years ago. I had a great time and looking back gives me fond memories. Being here and watching all this makes me itch to play myself again.
How do feel about your children playing Yu-Gi-Oh!?
It’s the first event they are playing. They started to get into the game through friends. When I noticed their interest, I told them that there are bigger events as well and asked them if they want to go. They agreed and here we are! I feel like it is a good diversion from the digital world. Nowadays, there is so much attention to digital and personal contact gets kind of lost. Here, they meet other children and start talking and get in touch with them. I like that a lot and hope they like it as well.
How do support your kids?
My support depends on what they are requesting. If they enjoy this experience, then we will go to different events and probably build better Decks. For this event, we traded for certain cards and even bought some singles to build a competitive Deck. I’m very well aware that this hobby is very time consuming as well as quite expensive.
Will you try to play Yu-Gi-Oh! again?
As I said before, I’ve spent 5 years of my youth playing the game intensively. I tried to mount a comeback in 2010 when the first Euroepan YCS got announced, but in the end, I had to realize that I could not put enough time to compete. I played the first YCS in 2010 just to see how it feels, but then I didn’t find the time to play anymore. When my kids started playing, I felt this itch to play again. Somehow the game never lets you go.
Impression from the event?
I had hoped that there was more Public Events on Saturday, but they started really late and we had to head home again. So, I felt like there was little program for small children on Saturday. On Sunday, there is the Dragon Duel and both of my sons are happy to be here. Actually, I’m really surprised that there is still so much hype around this game. We’ve been here yesterday as well, and it was very astonishing to see how huge the crowd was. I was out of the game for almost 10 years and it is very impressive to see how the game and the whole organization and coverage has evolved.
Do you have any final words
Shoutouts to all the people that still remember me.