Parents & Opinions: Sara from Austria

27.08.2017 | 12:05 |

At the parental area we spotted Sara. She’s from Vienna, Austria and she came to Rimini to accompany her son Jamal to play at the YCS. We were curious to find out what made her come here and how she feels about her son playing Yu-Gi-Oh!.


Sara Austria


Hi Sara, what made you come to Rimini?
I’m here with my son Jamal. He is 12 years old and he’s playing his first YCS here in Rimini. I’m his company for the weekend. We always wanted to go to Italy before and spend our holidays there. YCS Rimini was the perfect chance for us to combine our two goals: holidays and Yu-Gi-Oh!. We had a great time so far, even though yesterday was very long and exhausting. Today he’s playing in the Dragon Duel. Yesterday he entered the Main Event and finished with a 4:4 record which I found very impressive for his first ever YCS. We are planning on going to even more events in the future.

Have you ever tried to play Yu-Gi-Oh! yourself?
I’m a big fan of Animes and that’s what got me in touch with Yu-Gi-Oh!. I started playing the game right after the first Starter Decks Kaiba and Yugi were released in Austria. I really like the artwork of the old cards like Dark Magician and Blue-Eyes White Dragon. I even owned a Dark Magician Girl back then. After some time my brother started playing as well and we dueled each other ever so often. We had a great time with the game and I hope that my son also has as much fun as we had.

How do feel about your sons playing Yu-Gi-Oh!?
Since I played the game myself, it was me who introduced him to the game. That was already 5 years ago. He started playing when he was 6 years old, so he’s playing the game for almost half his lifetime! I’m very proud of him and his achievements. I feel like he learns a lot from the game and he also learns how to handle emotions and deal with defeat. I guess that is a valuable lesson to be learned for his latter life. The game helped him find friends and get in contact with other people. I think it’s really good for him.

How do support your son?
First and foremost I support him in getting new cards and new Decks. The game is changing very quickly and we have to get new cards in order to supply him with a competitive Deck. This year we decided to travel to different events and started out by going to Salzburg in order to play at Austrian Nationals. That was his first big event and he enjoyed it so much that we decided to go to Rimini and maybe Prague later on this year. Last but not least I have to morally uplift him from time to time when he lost an important game. That’s part of being his mother *smiles*.

What are your impressions from the event?
I really enjoy being here. I like all the action going on here. All the people are nice and helpful. I was surprised of how big the support within the community is. He learned a lot from other players, even though there is a lot of competition between Duelists.