Parents & Opinions: Steven Marshall-Law

29.10.2017 | 13:38 |

At the parents area we met Steven Marshall-Law who is here with his son Joshua. Both are hailing from Huttington and made the way to London to compete in the Dragon Duel.

Father Son


Hi Steven, what made you come to London?
I’m here with my son Joshua who is competing in the Dragon Duel! It’s his 1st time at a YCS and he’s having a great time. My son is obsessed with Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, he spends a lot of time Dueling with friends and family. I’m his companion for the weekend and look after him.

Have you ever tried to play Yu-Gi-Oh! yourself?
Not really, it seems to be very complex and a lot of things to take into consideration. [*smiles*] I leave this to the younger guys!

How do feel about your sons playing Yu-Gi-Oh!?
I think it is a good thing for him to do, there are a lot of things to learn for him from the game. It is also something constructive to do, I appreciate his effort and dedication to the game. He even formed his own club at school in order to encourage younger pupils to start the game. They build their own Decks and discuss cards and strategies. He plays with his cousin and a few friends.

How do support your son?
Apart from paying for the cards we started to check for events lately. I feel like the game can be quite expensive, it is 4 Pounds a packet and that’s a lot of money sometimes. Other than that, we started to look online for events that are close by to visit, like the YCS. We will definitely go to more events in the future.

What are your impressions from the event?
I’m very impressed of how the event is run, the tournament seemed very well organized and people take it very seriously. I also appreciate Konami’s effort in making us parents feel comfortable at these events. My son is having a great time and that is the most important thing here.

Final words
Thank you for creating this thing that my son is so much into!