Parents & Opinions: Tom & Mauro Meister

09.12.2018 | 15:21 |

At the parental area we spotted Tom Meister and his son Mauro. They came all the way from Switzerland to take part in their first YCS ever. Mauro is participating in the Dragon Duel and his older brother competed in the Main Event.

[abstand]Tom & Mauro Meister
[b]Hi Mauro, how did you get in touch with [ygo]?[/b]
[quote] I started to play [ygo] when I was around 5 years old. I played the game for about three years, then I lost interest, but I returned to the game when I was 11. My older brother took me to our locals and I he sparked my interest again. We usually attend our local store Card Tower Solothurn to play there. At Swiss Nationals in 2018 I came in second place and it made me want more. My biggest goal is to make it to Euros and later on to go to Worlds once. That would be huge! [/quote]
[b]What deck are you playing?[/b] [quote]I decided to go with Trickstar. The deck is easy enough to play to make me feel comfortable with. The deck is very consistent due to the search power. The deck hardly bricks and the additional burn is helpful when going into time.
My brother helps me out when building decks. We also playtest together to prepare for events. I feel like I can learn a lot from my brother’s experience. [/quote]
[b] Hi Tom, what made you come to Milan? [/b]
[quote] I accompanied my sons to YCS Milan. It’s the first time we are at a big event like this and I’m very impressed. We would have liked to go to London and we couldn’t make it. So, we decided to drive to Milan. It’s quite close to where we are from, so we took our chances.
My older son is playing in the Public Events right now. He turned 15 yesterday, so this trip is basically his birthday present. [/quote]
[b] How do feel about your children playing [ygo]? [/b]
[quote] Both of them are very much into racing. We travel a lot to take part in all kinds of events. I feel like that [ygo] is a good addition to their racing sports. They learn a lot and it’s great to see how much they fell for it. They invest quite some time and energy in building decks and preparing for events. I like to see how serious they take preparation and how much they are into the competition.
[b] How do support your kids? [/b]
[quote] I support them financially by getting cards. Of course, this is very much depended on our budget. So, if a card is too expensive, they have to go without it. Basically, the game is meant to be fun, even though the competition is important for both of them as well.
[b] Have you ever tried to play [ygo] yourself? [/b]
[quote] I was thinking about trying, but we never found a chance yet. Funny enough, a few moments ago I was contemplating about learning the game this winter. I guess I will take some time and let my sons teach me the game.
My impression is that the game is very challenging and its not that easy to get into it. You have to be interested to learn the game.
[b] Impression from the event? [/b]
[quote] [b]Mauro:[/b]I like it, it is very cool. I like to see all the different decks that are here in Milan. I also like to watch other people play and learn from them. It’ definitely something you should have done when you are into YGO.
[b]Tom[/b]: I’m surprised how big this event is. In spite of the size everything is well run. At the beginning, I had to rely on my older son to tell me what to do and where to go. He knew the procedures. Big thank you to the judges who were very helpful throughout the event.
[b]Do you have any final words[/b]
[quote] [b]Tom[/b]: I like how the kids talk to each other in all the different languages. They have to find a common language and common understanding in order to get along. They learn a lot and the intercultural exchange is very valuable. I guess we might take part in another event next year.