Patrick Hoban wins YCS Trial

01.12.2013 | 18:59 |
A lot of players enjoyed YCS Turin so much, they cannot wait to participate in another YCS tournament. That's why they decided to attend our YCS Trial, where you not only could win free entry to the next European YCS, but also could win free travel and accommodation! After intense Dueling it was Patrick Hoban from Atlanta, USA who won!

Patrick Hoban made his way here from the USA!

Since when are you playing the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME?
Since the beginning. My friends were playing. It's all about making friends and traveling. "Hey! I'm in Italy! All thanks to Yu-Gi-Oh!"

What Deck did you play? Why did you choose it?
Dragon Rulers. I skipped the Dragunities because of the new Trigon combos. Before Dragunity was better. But not anymore.

What was your hardest Duel this tournament?
I played against Evilswarm. I won game 1 pretty quickly, but game 2 he started with Evilswarm Ophion, 5 backrows and a Imperial Iron Wall. Game 3 was a lot of grinding. It took a long time to finish!

What was your best play this tournament?
I had 3 or 4 games, where I could Special Summon Trident Dragion thanks to Influence Dragon! I really like this new combo!