Player Feature: Michael Ciplak reaches Top16 in all 3 European YCS events

17.04.2011 | 16:42 |

Today’s Top 16 showed a player you might already know from Bochum and Milan: Michael Ciplak from Austria has made it into the group of the best 16 players in all YCS events we had in Europe so far! With his result today, he is the only player who was among the best 16 three times in a row.
So far, Michael’s best result was Top 4 in Milan, and although he has not yet won the YCS, he is (and really can be!) satisfied with his results.
In Bochum and Milan, he was playing Gladiators and has now switched to his own version of a Gravekeeper Deck.
When asked what were the toughest or best Duels, Michael said that it’s usually difficult against Samurai-themed Decks while he is one of those players who really like Mirror Matches.

Michael Ciplak, the only player who was Top 16 in all European YCS