Player Interview: Pete Ward

We just saw experienced Sealed Duelist Pete Ward dominate his Round 1 Feature Match. After the Match, I asked Pete to share some of his thoughts on Battle Pack Sealed, and tell us which cards he thinks are most underrated.

Pete Ward enjoys Battle Pack Sealed
Pete Ward enjoys Battle Pack Sealed

Battle Pack Sealed is a popular event. A lot of old players who remember the old cards, even if they don’t own cards, enjoy playing.

Ward said that Metal Reflect Slime, Bazoo the Soul-Eater, and Hedge Guard are three of the most underrated cards in his Deck.

Bazoo is the best card in the Deck. I really think it is. It can destroy just about any Tribute Monster in battle.

Ward also likes Metal Reflect Slime because it can defend against almost anything.

Metal Reflect Slime is very good. I probably should’ve played the second one I got.

Ward also seems to think that Hedge Guard is underappreciated in Battle Pack Sealed.

Having a trap in your hand that’s a monster is ridiculous.

Hedge Guard has 2100 DEF while on the field, and can protect a monster from being destroyed in battle while it’s in your hand.

In addition to his underrated cards, Ward also got some other powerful cards.

Snatch Steal is obviously very good. And so is Harpie’s Feather Duster.

Overall, Ward is satisfied with his Deck.

I’m quite lucky I got a lot of big monsters. This is a very solid Deck.

Ward also got Obelisk the Tormentor and Hardened Armed Dragon in his Sealed Pool, and is using both of them in his Deck. It might be tough for him to pull of a combo that would allow him to Tribute Hardened Armed Dragon to Summon Obelisk, since he doesn’t have a lot of cards that can defend his monsters to support the combo. But it is possible for him to do it. And if he ever manages to pull of the Hardened Armed / Obelisk combo, it would make an awesome finish to a Duel.

These are just some of the cool cards and awesome combos that can come up in Battle Pack Sealed. We’re sure to see a lot more throughout the weekend!

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