Duelist Profile: Tom Paine!

10.05.2014 | 14:02 |

Tom Paine is here this year trying to take home the national title again! I caught up with him before round two to see how he was fairing this year and what kind of fun things he’s running in his Deck.

Tom Paine is hoping for a repeat performance!

Tom Paine is hoping for a repeat performance!

What Deck are you playing this year Tom and why?

”This year I’m playing Infernity rather than Mermail. The Forbidden & Limited List affected the Deck, Infernity is a little faster and I get to play some Traps. I picked Infernity on the back of Soul Charge being released. “

Playing anything hot that we should know about Tech wise?

”I’m Main Decking three Vanity's Emptiness and using Number 66: Master Key Beetle, Infernity Archfiend and Infernity Barrier; it’s pretty much unstoppable. I’m also playing Night Beam because Trap Stun is better when you’re going first, but Night Beam is better when you’re going second. Infernity is pretty fast and has a setup that means it doesn’t really matter what you’re playing first so I just had a look at what would be better for me if I was going second”

What matchups are you worried about today?

”Dragons, they’re currently one of the best Decks at the moment and they main a lot of anti-traps. The mirror match you can virtually lose by going second. If they have the cards to pull it off Turn 1 they can win.”

Running anything crazy?

” I’m running Number 85: Crazy Box, it’s not really a wild card but it’s decent. The Extra Deck had a lot of room in it so I had room to play. So I main Number 85: Crazy Box because it could win me the game in a crazy situation and it’s great under Skill Drain.”

Good Luck Tom, might see you again in the finals this year!