Presenting the National Champions – Part 1

07.07.2012 | 13:57 |

More than 800 players are here in Milan to Duel to become European Champion 2012. Some of those players have already been very successful this year, becoming National Champion in their home country.

In several articles we will present you these skilled Duelists; of course the Main Event participants as well as the youngsters in the Dragon Duel!

Here are the first five National Champions – a round of applause, please!


Deniz Mailänder
Innsbruck, Austria

Age: 15
Deck: Wind-up
Deniz, one of the youngest Main Event players, was already close to becoming Austria’s Champion last year, making Top 4 in WCQ: Nationals 2011.


Jan Obrovsky
Prague, Czech Republic

Age: 21
Deck: Dino-Rabbit
Jan has already won several Czech tournaments. Now he wants to prove his skills on a Europen Level, with this year’s EC being his first European tournament


August Kauffmann
Copenhagen, Denmark

Age: 17
Deck: Chaos Dragon
After having topped previous Nationals and having won other bigger Danish tournaments, August can now present Denmark at this year’s EC as National Champion. He’s in good company: Two of the friends who are here with him in Milan are Kim, participant of last year’s World Championship, and Jakob, 2011’s Danish Champion.


Antonio Ripoll Castell
Alicante, Spain

Age: 18
Deck: Gadgets
Antonio has quite some experience with larger events: besides making Top 8 in the Spanish Nationals last year, he was also in the Top 64 at YCS Milan and the EC 2011.


Stefano Lenti Livraghi
Milan, Italy

Age: 25
Deck: Wind-up
As you can tell by his cool shirt, Stefano participated in last year’s World Championship, as reigning Italian videgoame Champion. But he’s just as skilled in the TCG, having made the second place in previous Nationals twice already and now being Italian TCG Champion as well.