Presenting the National Champions – Part 2

Here’s the second part of the presentation of the National Champions. As you know, this year is a very special year for players born 1999 or younger.

Besides a Dragon Duel European and World Championship, there were also Dragon Duel National Championships. These were either seperate events at the same weekend as the “regular” Nationals, or the best young player of the Nationals event was crowned Dragon Duel National Champion.

So this time, let’s give an even bigger applause, because here is the first part of the first National Champions of the Dragon Duels in Europe:

Paul L.
Neuhofen, Austria

Age: 13
Deck: Bubble Beat
Paul came to Milan with his father who does not only support his son but also plays Side Events himself this weekend.

Emil E.
Vordengbord, Denmark

Age: 12
Deck: Infernity
Having seen friends play in school, Emil wanted to learn the game, too. He then started playing in tournaments two years ago.

Markus B.
Helsinki, Finland

Age: 12
Deck: Dark World
Friends of Markus played Yu-Gi-Oh!, so he started Dueling, too. He’s been into the game for two years now.

Jojje H.
Stockholm, Sweden

Age: 11
Deck: Six Samurai
Jojje and his brother achieved something very unique: While Jojje is Sweden’s first National Dragon Duel Champion, his brother is National Champion of the regular tournament. Two Nationals Champions in one family in one year!

Danique D.
Meerhout, Belgium

Age: 12
Deck: Chaos Dragon
With only 5 years of age, Danique already started collecting the cards of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. With real tournament play, he only started half a year ago, and already he has become Belgium Dragon Duel Champion.

Gaetan L.
Seine-et-Marne, France

Age: 12
Deck: Chaos Control
Gaetan’s did not have to hesitate long before saying what his favourite card is: It’s Breaker the Magical Warrior.

Vladimir T.
Sofia, Bulgaria

Age: 12
Deck: Six Samurai
Vladimir has only started playing 1 year ago, but he’s already amongst Europe’s finest Dragon Duelists.

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