Presenting the National Champions – Part 3

As promised, there’s a second part of the presentation of the Dragon Duel Champions from throughout Europe.
Who of them will we see tomorrow, giving their best to become European Champion against all the other Dragon Duelists?

Viktor M.
Samobor, Croatia

Age: 13
Deck: Hero Beat
Viktor very much enjoys being here. For him, it’s the fun that’s important, not the competition. (And isn’t that the right attitude?)

Jacub M.
Prague, Czech Republic

Age: 12
Deck: Chaos Dragon
Jacub’s favourite card is one of the largest dragons there is: Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

Andrea S.
Camponogara, Italy

Age: 11
Deck: Dino-Rabbit
As a convinced and successful Dino Rabbit-player, Andrea’s favourite card is…Rescue Rabbit!

Fabien Z.
Luzern, Switzerland

Age: 13
Deck: Inzektor
It’s been 7 years that Fabien first started collection Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Cards. He’s been Dueling for 2 years on tournament-level, but this is his first tournament of this size.

Mehmet Ö.
Istanbul, Turkey

Age: 12
Deck: Chain Burn
Mehmet’s favourite card plays an important role in his current Deck: it’s Cardcar D

Francisco L.
Madrid, Spain

Age: 13
Deck: Dark World
The EC is Francisco’s first big tournament, and he really enjoys being here. Will he be as successful as the Spanish football players in their EC?

Tom K.
Dublin, Ireland

Age: 13
Deck: Chaos Dragon
Being asked for his favourite card, Tom did not have to think twice: Goblin Zombie of course.

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