Presenting the National Champions – Part 4

07.07.2012 | 19:43 |

Now that we’ve met the Dragon Duel National Champions, let’s move back to the group of Duelists we started with: the National Champions in the regular Main Event.
We already know five of them, so here’s the next party of five.


Krzysztof Duda
Warsaw, Poland

Age: 20
Deck: Bubble Beat
This is the first time Krzysztof participates at such a big event. While he has played several tournaments in Poland, he has never been in an event with so many people where everybody plays such good Decks.


Kim Van Kampenhoudt
Aalst, Belgium

Age: 21
Deck: Dino Rabbit
Participating in the Belgian Championship for the third time, Kim can now call himself Belgian National Champion.


Teodor Hurtigh Isaacs
Stockholm, Sweden

Age: 16
Deck: Chaos Dragon
In the final of the Swedish Nationals, Teodor played against his best friend, and now they came here together to play in the EC. This is the third time that Teodor participates in a European Championship. He says that he did not do very well in the first one, but the 2nd was better because he knew the game better. Let’s cross the fingers for him that he keeps this upward trend.


Krishern Govender
Johannisburg, South Africa

Age: 29
Deck: Dino Rabbit
We say “European Championship” but we should again mention that this also includes South Africa. And here is the Duelist with the probably longest flight: It took Krishern 11 hours to come from Johannisburg to Milan. But it was worth it, since he had not had the chance to play in such a big tournament so far.


Miha Flisek
Zagorje ob Savi, Slovenia

Age: 18
Deck: Chaos Dragon
Miha was actually a bit surprised to see so many players have shown up. He only expected around 300 – 400, but he said it’s much better this way as the players get to play more rounds and have more chances to show off their skills.