Privacy policy

Privacy policy of Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH
(status: May 2004)

Please note that you can use your browser’s print function to print out this privacy policy to read later or for your files. You can also download the privacy policy to save or view it later at.

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH takes its obligation to protect your privacy very seriously and designs its services so that as little personal information as possible is collected, processed and used.

Personal information is never under any circumstances leased or sold to third parties for advertising purposes. No personal information is forwarded to any third parties without notifying you and getting your explicit agreement, unless it is required for the specific purpose, such as sending out prizes in the framework of contests.

Access to personal data is restricted to people who are notified of the statutory data protection provisions and are committed to complying with these. Access to data by these people is restricted to the extent necessary for contractual performance. All personal information with the exception of cookies (see below) is stored at Konami of Europe GmbH on its servers. Solely for the purpose of reviewing support enquiries, Konami employees from the UK and Germany can access your questions and answers through a web form, depending on which language you have selected.
Where (banner) advertising is presented on our Internet pages, this is not pulled in from external servers, so that your user data is not transferred to unknown third parties.

The following conditions represent our agreement with you on what data specifically we collect on the Internet pages of Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH at and how we handle this data. We remind you specifically that transferring data to us through the Internet is not secure, so that unauthorised third parties may intercept this information.

1. Collection, processing and use of data in connection with accessing the Internet pages of Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH as such
On merely accessing the Internet pages as such Konami of Europe GmbH collects only the data transferred by your computer (e.g. your browser). We do not store any further data either on our pages or on your computer. This data is deleted by our server directly after you leave. Analysis of the data is carried out solely in anonymised form if and to the extent that its use is permitted by statute.

2. Collection, processing and use of data in connection with the services offered by us and described below
a) Use of cookies in connection with choice of language, game ratings and surveys, and in the support area
Cookies are small files generated by the Konami web server and transmitted to the browser that you are using to access Konami’s services, and stored exclusively on your computer. We use cookies in the course of our Internet service at the following three points:
– If you decide when choosing the country and language that you want to save your selection for your next visit to the Konami web site, a cookie containing only this information is stored on your computer. The next time you visit this site, the cookie automatically notifies us of your choice without the selection window being displayed again. The cookie expires after one year.
– If you participate in a game rating or survey, a cookie is stored on your computer with the information on which game rating you responded to. This helps prevent multiple responses from distorting the survey results. The cookie expires after one month.
– After logging in to the support area a cookie containing your chosen user name is stored on your computer for the duration of your current connection between your computer and the Konami server, so that you do not have to re-enter your user name if you log in again. The session cookie is deleted when you end your Internet connection with the Konami server.
If you want to delete cookies already on your computer, check your browser help files to identify the file or folder where cookies are stored. Our cookies have the file names [].
If you want to prevent cookies from being stored on your computer in future, check the help file for your browser by clicking on “Help” in your browser menu. Please note that deleting our cookies or deactivating cookies may mean that you can no longer access specific areas or functions in our web site.
b) Newsletter subscription
In connection with newsletter subscriptions Konami of Europe GmbH only logs and stores your e-mail address, which is essential for sending you the newsletter. After subscribing, you are sent an e-mail at the address given in the newsletter subscription form. This e-mail asks you to confirm your subscription. The subscription is only effective after you have confirmed it. If you want to cancel your subscription, you can do this here at any time. Your data is then deleted. You are also told how to cancel your subscription in each issue of the newsletter.
Besides your e-mail address – and only if you approve this – you can also tell us what gaming platform you have and which genre you particularly like. The data is only analysed in anonymised form for statistical purposes in order to optimise and improve our services in line with customer needs and wishes and for market research.
c) Support area
If you ask questions in the support area using the Konami FAQ function or want to answer questions which have been asked, you have to register. You are asked to enter a user name. Do not use your real name as a user name – use a nickname which you have made up. We also need your e-mail address so that we can send you a password. After logging in at the support area with your user name and password, you can ask questions and send answers to Konami. All your questions and answers are checked by Konami employees using a web form before publication. Konami has the sole power to decide whether to publish your submission or not. Konami reserves the right to change your submission entirely or in part.
d) Contests
If you enter contests, we collect only the data needed to run the contest. Winners are notified by e-mail. Prizes are sent to the address you have entered. To mail prizes, we send the data required for mailing to a company which handles logistics and delivery of prizes. After the contest is ended and prizes have been sent, your data is deleted.
e) Media area
If you log in to the press area as a journalist, you are given access in accordance with the conditions for this area to information to be used exclusively for media purposes, for example logos, artwork etc. For this, we need information on you personally (family name, forename), the media organisation you work for, your position and a phone number at the organisation where we can reach you, so that we can check your statements about your job as a journalist. We also need your e-mail address so that we can send you a password. You use your e-mail address and the password sent to you to log in at the media area. If you no longer want access to our media area, you can cancel this and have your data deleted here

3. Forwarding data to government agencies
Personal customer data is only provided to government agencies such as criminal investigation agencies and courts on presentation of an enforceable official or court order or if there is a statutory obligation to do so.

4. Agreement
If you have agreed that we may collect, process or use your data, you can cancel this agreement at any time. You can cancel this agreement either by e-mail to, by calling
+44 (0) 20 8987 5730 or by mail to our address or fax to +44 (0) 20 8987 5731. Besides the fact that we notify you explicitly by e-mail or in writing of the content of your agreement, you can also check the content of the general agreement at

5. Right of information, deletion of data
You are entitled at any time to ask to review the personal data stored about you without charge. You can request this information by e-mail to or fax to +44 (0) 20 8987 5731 and it will be sent to you immediately by e-mail or fax, although we must point out that transmission by e-mail is not secure. We will respond to your request without delay.
When it is no longer needed for you to use the site, your personal data is deleted. This does not apply to data which we are required by law to keep for specific periods. We block access to such data.

6. Changes to our privacy policy
Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH reserves the right to change this privacy policy, specifically in the event of changes to its services and in the course of the development of new technical security standards. Any change will be announced with a clear reference on our Internet pages and/or here.

7. Questions and suggestions about our privacy policy
Please send any suggestions or questions about our privacy policy to or call +44 (0) 20 8987 5730.