Pro Player Talk: Onur Gezer (YCS Sydney 2019 Winner)

Onur Gezer is our current reigning champion winning last year’s YCS with Altergeist in a fierce duel against Canada’s Jesse Kotton and his Danger Thunder Dragon deck. Not long after that, Onur represented Australia in the World Championship after placing 2nd in the Oceanic WCQ. This was especially important to him as Onur narrowly missed out on going to the World Championship in 2017 when he unfortunately lost in the top 4 of the Oceanic WCQ. Other notable achievements Onur has had include 3rd place Nationals 2017, Top 32 YCS Sydney 2017 and Top 32 YCS Sydney 2016. Even with all those achievements behind him, he’s here to defend his title and won’t let anyone slow him down.

Pro player Onur Gezer


Hey Onur, how are you feeling about this weekend?

I am feeling pretty relaxed cause I won last year so there’s no pressure on me. I’m already a YCS Winner.


What deck are you playing?

I am playing Altergeist. I’m really just here for fun and it would be cool to win back to back with the same deck.


When did you decide on this deck and what other decks did you consider?

I actually decided on the deck this morning when I realised I didn’t want to play anything else. Every other common deck has crossed my mind but I think sticking with my gut instinct is what I really want to do.


How do you approach big events and what is your goal?

I normally just try to build a deck that beats the standard list of what everyone else is playing. My goal is to just have fun this weekend. I’m already a YCS winner!


How do you stay on top of your game through the long day?

I just drink a lot of water and meditate in between rounds. Have to get that negative energy out.


How long have played this game and how did you improve to get where you are today?

I have played this game for about 7 years and I guess just playing a lot for fun you get better. You get more experience over time.


What would be one piece of advice you would give to aspiring players?

Just win. That’s all you have to do. Try your best and settle for nothing less.


Which locals do you play at and what is it like?

I play at Good Games Greensborough. It’s the best. Despite it being far from everything it has the best community who travel out there to play. We have a player named John, he really is the glue that holds the community together and I hope he does well this weekend!


How was the World Championship?

It was a really good experience, they look after you really well. It was the highest pressure situation I’ve played in but they give you a lot of goodies in return.


Any shoutouts or final words?

Shoutouts to John Papadopetros, Sanjay Jayram and Jason Tu, my best friends in this game. I wouldn’t be playing without them

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