Pro Talk: Andreas Vrellos from Greece

22.02.2020 | 17:03 |
After Round 5 we met Andreas Vrellos from Greece. Andreas is the current YCS Milan 2019 champion and a 2 times YCS winner overall. He brought Altergeist to YCS Utrecht and is currently holding a 4:1 record. He told me about his loss in Round 1 with a smile in his face: he lost to Madolche!


Andreas Vrellos


Hi Andreas, thank you for taking your time to talk to us. The first thing we would like to know is, how did you get in touch with Yu-Gi-Oh!?
There was a store next to my house that had the cards. One day, I decided to go there willing to try something new. They had all kinds of games there, but Yu-Gi-Oh! was the one that suited me most. I guess that was around 2012. It was fun to play against all the other players, try different Decks and see if I could outplay my opponents. I started with Blackwings and with the help of my friends I had the full Deck quickly. Back then, I came into touch with the Greek community. Most of them come from Athens and it’s still the biggest community up to date.
What keeps you going?
Two things are important to me: there is the community, the traveling, hanging out with friends on the one side. We travel together to all the events and have a good time On the other side, there is the competitive play that matters to me. I like the game a lot! It’s what keeps me going. At the same time I try to stay fair and cool mannered.
What was your biggest success?
I have two YCS wins under my belt: YCS Rimini in 2017 and YCS Milan in 2019. Even though these were completely different formats, one thing stayed the same. I stuck with a control Deck. In Rimini it was Zoo format which was one of the most difficult formats ever due to the mirror match. In Milan it was Sky Striker Orcust. I think that, if you are familiar with the game you can adapt to every format. All you need to do, is learn the new cards and playtest as much as possible. In order to prepare for events, it is very important to have a playtesting group. We discuss ideas and cards and keep on playtesting. The support of my friends is very valuable to me.
What Deck are you running for this weekend?
Altergeist! I feel like Mystic Mine is far too good in the current format. The card itself defines a format, so I chose to run a Deck that easily plays around it. All the other Decks are far too fragile and easily beaten by Mystic Mine.
How do you feel about the current metagame
I really don’t like at all. On the one hand, there is Mystic Mine, which is far too strong. On the other hand, there are too many Decks in the format, so you don’t know what to face and you don’t know what to prepare for. If you want to play competitive you have to get lucky to find the right match-ups to do good in big events. It’s impossible to prepare for all match-ups, so you have to predict the metagame and prepare accordingly. If the metagame is too wide you have to take your chances.
How do feel about the new rulings update for April 2020?
I seems that we are going back to the old Yu-Gi-Oh! where you could Summon Extra Deck monsters to any zone. I was never a big fan of the link format. I think it will be great fun to play with the new rules and I’m already looking forward to it. I also hope that Maxx C will come off the list soon as a countermeasure.
Do you have any tips for new Duelists on how to improve?
Preparation is the key to success. Meet with friends, play some duels and see how you are doing. The other thing is psychology: it makes a huge difference in how you go into an event. If you are confident your results will be a lot better. Please don’t forget to have fun and play fair!
Do you have any final words
First of all I want to give shoutouts to all of my Greek friends! I hope the system on how to acquire Worlds points will become fairer someday. We, as Greek players, do not have a chance to ever get enough points to go to Worlds. Our Regionals are far too small to ever get enough points, so we either have to travel a lot or make it to the finals of Euros. Both options are not very likely for us.